Chasing Coral... Catching community vibes

What can we do to save coral reefs?

We’ve seen the film and we know the gravity of the situation; now its time to act. It’s also super important to remember that you’re not alone. The SO Manly community, who watched the film with you, has reinvigorated their pledge to reduce their ecological footprint. Keep the conversation going with everyone and we’ll keep connecting you to the community so that your inspiration stays alive!

Outdoor screening of Chasing Coral as we say farewell to Manly Sea Life Sanctuary

Outdoor screening of Chasing Coral as we say farewell to Manly Sea Life Sanctuary

1.  Make Clean Energy Unstoppable

The great transformation is already underway- but we need to keep stoking the movement. Ask our local Mayor, State Premier and the Prime Minister what are they doing to support clean energy and clean jobs. Specifically, you can ask when will Northern Beaches Council join the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

Join the fight of our times to Stop Adani. Burning the coal from Galilee Basin would cancel out Australia's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, leading to more extreme weather events and future coral bleaching.

2. Support a Sydney Marine Park

A Sydney Marine Park will enable comprehensive management of the marine estate from Newcastle to Wollongong, including Sydney's corals. Sanctuary zones within marine parks lead to increased biodiversity and resilience to impacts such as climate change. Sign to support here or business here!

Sharnie Connell calls for a Sydney Marine Park to protect biodiversity including Sydney's coral

Sharnie Connell calls for a Sydney Marine Park to protect biodiversity including Sydney's coral

3. Commit to Individual Actions

You’ve made a pledge to reduce your footprint, but what more can you do once you’ve achieved that goal? Celebrate your success and move on to the next one! Here’s a list of actions that you can take. Pop some in the calendar for a few months time so that you remember to set a new goal, one at a time, just keep swimming.

  • Switch to LEDs and switch off when not in use
  • Set air conditioner to 18 in winter and 26 in summer
  • Install a solar hot water system
  • Look for the Energy Star rating for new appliances
  • Use cold water when washing clothes & dry them on the line
  • Consider solar panels and buy renewable energy credits
  • Save on fuel- get an electric car, use public transport, ride your bike or carpool
  • Reduce your flight travel- use video calls for meetings
  • Buy local, sustainable and organic produce
  • Eat less meat (or go vego!)
  • Say NO to wasteful packaging, plastic bags, bottled water, straws and coffee cups
  • Put food scraps in a worm farm, bokashi bucket or compost

This year, 1 Million Women will be launching an app to guide you through the lifestyle revolution. Its an ongoing journey, so we need to make a plan to transition to a zero-carbon lifestyle. Sign up to be notified when the app is launched and in the meantime read some awesome life-hacks to get you started.

4. Share the film with everyone you know

On Saturday, we said farewell to Manly Sea Life Sanctuary and created a fun event to engage our community. You can do the same with your local community, school or sport group. The team at Chasing Coral have wonderful resources to help you and the team at SO Manly can also guide you in the local area.

5. Support the Coral Crew

You can donate your time or money to organisations that are working to protect coral reefs for future generations. Every Saturday this summer, we’re running OPERATION STRAW, where you can go for a STRAWkle (that’s a snorkel to collect straws) at Manly Cove. A recent report showed that plastic trash is making coral reefs sick, so it’s never been a more important time to rethink our plastic use. Also, check out these local and global groups to find out how you can get involved: Manly Food Co-op, Boomerang Bags, Coral Reef Alliance, Surfrider Foundation, Reef Environmental Education Foundation, Reef Check, 50 Reefs, Project AWARE, Sea Shepherd and

6. Check your sunscreen

Make sure your sunscreen does NOT contain oxybenzone or nano particles. These chemicals have been shown to damage coral reefs. The best choices are those that contain (non-nano) zinc. Cover up where you can to avoid being sunburnt and minimize your use of sunscreens altogether. Lets be like Hawaii and start our own petition to call for a ban on harmful sunscreens.

Don’t forget, if you have any further questions for our scientist panel, Associate Professor David Suggett and PhD Candidate Sam Goyen will be presenting a talk at Manly library this Wednesday. RSVP here!

THANK YOU to all the wonderful supporters of our Chasing Coral Screening. We couldn’t have made this event work without you!

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Written by Alicia Lloyd, Project Manager of SO Manly.

Photos by Harriet Spark, Co-founder of SO Manly.