Clean Up Australia Day 2017

Although EVERY DAY is CLEAN UP DAY, we did something a little bit special this year for Clean Up Australia Day. More Yoga Less Trash combined the bliss of yoga on the beach with the feel-good buzz from cleaning the beach afterwards. It was inspiring to see the crew still enjoying their yoga practice through a slight drizzle of rain and we certainly collected a lot of trash!

We cleaned up over 2600 cigarette butts, 22 plastic water bottles, 15 aluminium cans, 16 glass bottles (mostly beer), well over 40 kilos of soft plastic (mostly packaging items), 3 dead fish (x2 puffer and x1 leather jacket) and much much more!! The 'catch' of the day would have to be a large broken paddle, which we think could be repaired and put to good use!

We were also joined by Senator Richard Di Natale and Clara Williams Roldan - Greens to do their bit for Manly and Clean Up Australia!

A huge THANK YOU to Gabriella Woodward and her team at Infinite Yoga who guided everyone through a revitalising yoga class and helped out until the end with the clean up. Infinite Yoga’s studio has unobstructed views of the ocean at Freshwater Beach, and the team has always felt a connection to the environment and they are determined to help build a more sustainable community.

“Clean Up Australia Day is only one day a year, however it’s a great opportunity to raise awareness and challenge people to recognise and change bad habits,” says Gabriella Woodward.

On Sydney beaches alone, single-use plastic makes up almost 90% of waste found. Beach clean-up events can help reduce the negative impact this has on marine life, by minimising the amount of pollution entering the sea.

Healthy body, mind and environment are all intrinsically connected. We hope everyone walked away feeling energized after their yoga session and inspired to find alternative solutions and reduce single-use plastic in their every day lives. Whether it's bringing your own re-usable bag, refilling your own water bottle or bringing your own coffee cup... every little helps prevent excess litter entering our aquatic environment!