Sustainable Sourcing Workshop - Hemingways

Thanks to everyone that made it to the Hemingway’s workshop on 22 November 2016. If you missed it, then this summary is for you! Discover all the great ideas and conversations we had and please share with your friends. We’ll let you know when we are running the next workshop- please get in touch if you’d like to host that event!

Simon Lawson – Agape Organic Food Truck

Simon’s journey started as a child when his parents used every inch of garden space to grow edible crops. The knowledge has been passed down through the generations. A key outcome from their group discussion was to educate staff and customers. Simon enjoys working in the food truck as he gets to talk to people and his passion is contagious. The Agape Organic Food Truck will be at the Christmas Choral Concert on 8 December at Manly Oval!

Glenn Morris – FigTrees Organic Farm

Glenn shared his knowledge about the serious problems our planet is currently facing. Where can we find hope when the situation is so dire? If we try to keep the message simple we miss out on the fact that everything is connected- but this is the key. Every decision we make impacts the environment. “ichoose a healthy future” is a concept that Glenn has developed that will help people make the connection between their decisions and the environment.

When looking for a sustainable supplier there are 3 key questions you can ask:

1.     What level of vegetative restoration do you have on your land? (15-20% is desirable)

2.     Do you practice “no chemical” farming? (eg Organic Federation farmers)

3.     What are you doing to improve soil quality? (Need to develop humus which is nutrient rich and retains water like a sponge)

Maura Pigeon – Northern Beaches Council

Despite all the depressing statistics on overfishing, there is a solution to choose sustainable seafood. Although some cafes and restaurants, such as Manly Ocean Foods, only choose Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) products, they need an official MSC audit on their chain of custody in order to claim MSC certification. Northern Beaches Council has secured funding for about 20 businesses to be MSC certified. Please contact Maura ( if you are a business interested in this process and share with your seafood-selling friends!

Mark Richardson & Mark Patterson – Oliver’s Real Food

The strategy at Oliver’s Real Food is to provide a similar product to roadside take-away but with a healthy twist- their best product is the Green Beans in the same style packaging as French Fries. People will pay more as long as they can see the value of that food for their health and the environment. They have 19 stores on the East Coast of Australia and would like to increase to 100!

Dr Karen Firestone – Rose Bay Community Garden

Karen told us all about the 3 year journey (and beyond) to creating a community garden. It involved choosing a style (communal, guerilla or community), working with council and the community, setting up a Committee, developing a constitution and securing funding. And that’s all in addition to the design and operations of the garden! The garden has different zones and plots and has future plans to have chickens! SO Manly will be planning an excursion to the garden for inspiration for our own proposal for Gilbert Park. Please let me know if you would like to come along so that we can choose a date- it will most likely be a Sunday. We will also visit Pittwater High School to check out their garden/farm in the New Year.