marine sanctuaries

Science-based marine sanctuary zones are vital to maintaining the health of marine life. However, currently less than 7% of NSW water is protected which falls well short of the scientific consensus of what is needed to preserve marine biodiversity. Manly’s iconic Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve is one of the only areas in the Sydney region where extraction practices, such as fishing, are not allowed. Protected marine areas, like Shelly Beach and Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve cater for a popular and increasing domestic and international tourism market, attracting divers, snorkelers and other nature-based experience-seekers.


champion for the protection of our marine life

Manly is a community economically built on coastal living and healthy oceans. Central to the Northern Beaches branding as both an iconic tourist destination and business location, is its coastal lifestyle and marine life, and the protection of this marine life is important to business. We want to ensure our marine life and coastal lifestyle is maintained so we have fish for the future and local businesses can continue to thrive. Join us and follow our marine protection campaign to find out how you can help!