An octopus clutching straws at Manly Cove

An octopus clutching straws at Manly Cove

While getting the straws out of the ocean is hugely positive in itself, the data we collect on these cleans is what will really help influence behaviour change on an individual, business and potentially even policy level. This is why it’s so important we collect consistent data, and ensure the same parameters are kept every dive or snorkel.

Most of the straws are in the sand in ankle deep water, so if you want to snorkel that’s totally acceptable, and the easiest option. If you want to dive, or need to hire snorkel equipment, Dive Center Manly are offering discounts on hire gear for those that participate in these project. Please contact them directly.



Please stay within the specified area, pictured on the image above. From the edge of Manly SEALIFE Sanctuary to the end of the net.

Most of all - have fun and enjoy the STRAWkle!



  • Snorkels will begin at 9 am Saturdays. You can register your interest here. 
  • If the weather is rubbish (pun intended) on the day, we'll notify you via the Facebook event above that the clean is cancelled - however we normally operate rain, hail or shine!
  • Bring your snorkel, mask, and fins. We also highly recommend bringing a wetsuit if you've got one - it might be summer but it can still get chilly in the water. If you don't have snorkel gear, contact Dive Centre Manly to rent some snorkeling equipment.
  • The number of straws and type of straw will be recorded using data sheets. We will also be recording details like the tide, weather, the weather in the week leading up to the dive etc. to allow us as much understanding of the reasons why particular debris was found.

Which straw is that?

The data sheet has different sections for each kind of straw.

  • Mcdonald's straws are white with red and yellow stripes.
  • Slushy straws have a scoop on the bottom.
  • Bendy popper straws are usually white and small.
  • Hungry Jacks straws are yellow with a red stripe.
  • If you find anything interesting or unusual (like an octopus clutching straws!) make sure you share it with the rest of the group!

If you have any problems on the day please contact Harriet Spark on
0413 941 781.

Thank you and have fun!